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End-to-end regulation made simple

Regulatory software designed specifically for licensing, compliance and enforcement. Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes.

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Regulation, compliance & enforcement managed in one solution

From online industry and public engagement to remote field operations, you can now manage all your licensing, compliance and enforcement processes in a single solution.

Objective RegWorks enables disparate teams to work together, sharing a single view of a customer. Discover advanced reporting, accurate data capture and configurable workflows that can easily be updated with legislative changes. Make informed, consistent decisions using risk and intelligence as key inputs. With greater efficiency and transparency, RegWorks empowers you to become a trusted, best-practice regulator.

Intelligent decision making

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Intelligent decision making

Establish consistency and transparency in decision making.

Make informed, risked based decisions

Risk based algorithms take your defined parameters to calculate a risk rating. Visually depict residual risk to inform users so they can apply controls and make appropriate decisions.

Best practice regulatory workflows

Designed specifically for regulators, capitalise on 24+ years of regulatory workflow experience distilled into one product. Our comprehensive workflow library is available to help you streamline your processes.

Ensure legislation is adhered to

Ensure compliance with legislation by using RegWorks to manage delegated authority responsibilities for decision making.

Manage offences

Work with multiple pieces of legislation to ensure the correct penalties and fines are issued in accordance with the law, including managing varying effective dates for legislation.

End-to-end solution

Img regworks end to end solution

End-to-end solution

Replace multiple, incompatible systems with one end-to-end solution designed specifically for regulation and compliance.

Bring teams together

Improve transparency, reporting and accountability with a single software for all your regulatory teams. Manage the entire regulatory lifecycle of approvals, complaints, advice, incidents, inspections, investigations, offences and enforcements.

Streamlined customer service

Seamlessly engage with industry and the general public with an integrated online customer portal that automatically creates workflows for your teams to triage and process. Efficiently manage applications, enquiries, complaints and incidents.

Easy integration

Integrate with existing core systems including finance, payments, human resources, document management and business intelligence tools to create an enterprise-wide solution.

Access from anywhere via mobile

Equip officers in the field with access to intelligence and the capability to digitally capture information. Accessible in remote locations, teams can employ geospatial awareness and audited time stamping.


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Simplify processes and systems to drive consistent, transparent decision-making.

Deliver customer self-service

Manage all interactions between your agency and the public within the online customer portal.
Customers can check the status of their enquiry or application, respond to follow up information and speed up renewals through an easy to use, secure interface.

Streamline time-consuming tasks

Automate highly manual, low-value, repetitive tasks, enabling you to better respond within legislative mandates.

Implement efficient workflows

Improve response times by using workflows to set reminders, assign work to individuals or teams and automate approval processes. Incorporate prompts and suggested actions based on policy or legislation.

Automate document generation

Use configurable templates to automatically generate documents based on workflows and business rules. Reduce administrative burden on staff and ensure quality outputs, every time.


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Be a responsive and adaptive regulator. Highly configurable to put you in control.

Designed for self-configuration

Keep pace with legislation and business process changes with 'no code' workflows, business rules and automations that are easy to change.

Avoid expensive customisation as legislation changes

Avoid costly enhancement projects and expensive upgrades with a platform designed to be easily updated as your needs change.

Simplify processes and systems

Powerful flexibility that evolves with your business, enables you to consistently simplify your processes and systems. Easily modify workflows as your needs change, whilst remaining compliant with quality and change control processes in your organisation.

Meet KPIs

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Meet KPIs

Powerful search, reporting and audit capabilities enabling better decisions and ensuring compliance

Powerful dashboards for information at a glance

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

Respond to ad-hoc report requests in a timely manner

Integrates to 3rd party BI/Analytics tools for ad-hoc analytical reporting queries so that urgent reports can be generated and shared with confidence.

Full audit trail

Captures accurate and comprehensive usage information that can be readily accessed to meet all audit and control obligations.

Identify risk profiles

Use historical data to identify high risk profiles or patterns of non-compliance to pro-actively target high risk activities and operators.

360 degree view

Leverage a full view of all entities and their contact and compliance history such as previous or current complaints or investigations. This includes data retrieved from other systems.


Consume per module, best practice workflows, intelligent features, easily configured.

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Licensing of people and organisations made simple. Enabling regulators to manage the entire application and renewal process, review eligibility, specify conditions, give approvals and manage fees.

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Approved access to infrastructure. Manage submissions, review, and approval of permits for restricted access to infrastructure assets such as buildings, roads, airports, ports and more.

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Supporting the registration of industry owned assets, eg. vessels, animal identifiers, or assets that must meet strict standards relating to integrity, safety or community accepted limits.

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Facilitating the provision of information in relation to Freedom of Information or ministerial requests. Track receipt and vetting of requests, allocation to respondents, searching and collation of information, internal reviews, approvals and response management.

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Respond to incidents and complaints enabled by automated risk-based triage. Manage assignment, gathering information, escalation, record decisions, trigger sub-activities and monitor KPIs.

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Give field officers access to real-time information and enable targeted enforcement of high-risk areas. Data capture in the field improves accuracy, avoids duplicate data entry, and enables rapid follow-up actions including built-in offence management.

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Investigative case management including entities involved, link chart analysis, intelligence, facts, elementising offences, evidence management, warrants, notice to produce, recommendations, reviews, approvals and recording outcomes.

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Intelligent actions and sanctions using your enforcement pyramid for consistent and transparent decisions. Manage offences, issue notices for warnings, infringements, manage payments, produce briefs, manage court proceedings, prosecution calendars, and record outcomes.

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Management of people, teams and assets so that work is allocated based on capacity, capability and certifications. Track, maintain and certify fixed and mobile assets. Supports resource planning and KPI reporting.


Increase productivity, make informed consistent decisions and improve safety outcomes.

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Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals, licensing systems, events, finance, payments and more with standard APIs.

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Easy to upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Decision suggestions

Get consistent decisions with suggested next steps based on simple to complex algorithms that take into account all known data.

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Powerful search

Easily find what you need. Avoid creation of duplicate records with proactive controls that notify you of similar records.

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Intuitive user experience

Designed specifically for regulation, our UX is focused on having the right information where you need it, minimising clicks and delighting users.

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Document generation

Generate emails and documents without leaving the solution, using configured templates and efficiently storing all documents issued.

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Real time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations.

You’re in good company

Supporting regulation, compliance and enforcement for improved safety outcomes.

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We are already seeing the benefits of the flexibility, automation and efficiencies for our business.

Robyn Pearce

Chief Executive – Work Safe Tasmania

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End-to-end regulation made simple.

Software designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement. Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes.

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