Primary Industries & Biosecurity

Fostering sustainable management and development of natural resources

Increase the value of primary industries and protect natural resources through improving productivity, ensuring safety and mitigating risks to the environment.

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Develop and protect primary industries with the support of a powerful, flexible, centralised solution

The sustainable and safe management of primary industries can be difficult to manage with manual processes, multiple systems and a lack of consistent processes across the field. It requires significant effort to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and env​ironment.

There’s a better way with Objective RegWorks. It allows regulators to collate all sources of data into the one system and improve information gathering, analysis and decision-making. Manage the variety of regulatory tasks including field-based activities, inspections, incidents, investigations, permit approvals, and enforcement actions including infringements and prosecution.

Provide staff with a single source of information, create operational efficiencies and make better decisions to help protect our primary industries and drive regional development.

End-to-end solution

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End-to-end solution

Manage the full lifecycle of regulatory processes within the one platform.

A single source of truth

Consolidate data from different systems into the one central, secure source. Provide users with a single access point to enter and extract information.

Track all aspects of compliance

Track, manage and report on field-based activities, inspections, investigations, incidents, permit approvals, and enforcement actions such as infringements and prosecution.

Easily share data amongst teams and agencies

Eliminate fragmented data that is difficult to share efficiently between business functions. Authorise staff with the right permissions to ensure appropriate access levels for data sharing.

Streamlined processes

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Streamlined processes

Improve processes and drive productivity.

Automated, efficient processing

Replace manual tasks, create consistent processes and reduce the risk of error. Save time and costs, allowing a more efficient allocation of human and financial resources.

Standardised business processes

Create consistent processes across the organisation and systemise disparate work practices. Access the best practice work flow library to use as your base and tailor to your own rules.

Track and manage team workload

Gain control and visibility over workflows outcomes. Set reminders, assign work to individuals or teams, automate approvals processes and see measurable improvements in approval and response times.

Real-time monitoring of field staff

Monitor field work activities and environments with intelligent outputs and protect the health and safety of your inspectors.

Intelligent decision-making

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Intelligent decision-making

Make decisions with confidence based on fast, accurate and reliable data when and how you need it.

Instant access to information from anywhere

With seamless multi-device technology, users can carry out tasks in either online or offline mode. Collect information, connect seamlessly with agency offices, and increase access to vital information in the field.

Intelligent outputs

Address compliance issues with speed and clarity. Instant access to detailed information including historical records, inspections, prosecutions and suspicious activities. Facilitate accurate risk assessment and smart decision-making.

Powerful regulatory reporting

Access a rich central repository of data and capture the information required for tracking investigations, regulatory reporting and long term strategic planning.

The implementation of Objective RegWorks Mobile for our field inspection team has been an enormous success. Our staff in the field are extremely excited with how easy it is to use, and the significant improvement in productivity and efficiency with inspection processing times.

Gary Orr

Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Features that help with the sustainable and safe management of primary industries and promote responsible growth.

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Seamless integration

Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs

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Intuitive user experience

Designed specifically for regulation, our UX is focused on having the right information where you need it, minimising clicks and delighting users.

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Replace manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve productivity across the organisation.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Real-time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

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Powerful search

Easily find what you need. Avoid creation of duplicate records with proactive controls that notify you of similar records.

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Single source of data

Create a single source of reliable, accurate information that can be accessed in the office and on the field.

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In addition to managing day-to-day compliance tasks from the one system, the RegWorks solution also supports MPI’s long-term strategic planning, making better use of the intelligence data that has been collected.

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Fostering sustainable management and development of natural resources

Increase the value of primary industries and protect natural resources through improving productivity, ensuring safety and mitigating risks to the environment.

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