Transform the DDO regime

Minimise the cost and pain of regulatory change with proven automation technology.

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Don’t wait until October 2021, act now!

Meet the requirements of the Design and Distribution Obligation regime with an innovative approach that can get accurate disclosure on-market in half the time.

Objective Keystone is the proven automation platform for the highly complex regulatory landscape for financial sector disclosure production. Produce, review, verify and publish Target Market Determinations from one central system – supporting multiple authors with pre-approved content and rigorous sign off capabilities. ​

What is collaborative authoring?

Discover how this cloud-based collaborative authoring solution allows
multiple team members to work on the same document at the same time.

A single, secure and fully audited system

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A single, secure and fully audited system

To manage the entire disclosure process

Bring together multiple siloed departments

Centralise the creation and management of disclosure documents for a 360-degree view of a document in the product roll life cycle.

Manage TMD reviews faster with ‘Collaborative Authoring’

Allow multiple contributors to simultaneously work on a single source of the truth for your disclosure content.

Remove the nightmare and danger of versioning

Eliminate the time and worry of consolidating multiple individual pieces of feedback. You're always working on the right and latest set of information by keeping all contributors working in one master document.

Eliminate the need to independently monitor and update common content

Common content can be defined centrally, verified in isolation of a product roll and maintained in the Smart Clause Bank. Changes made are instantly cascaded across all relevant documents.

Approve online to verify the content

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Approve online to verify the content

Show evidence of who did what, when and who approved it. Perfect for records managers, regulators and accountable executives.

Decisions are traced back to individuals

All versions and proof of approval is maintained in a single source.

Content reuse

Common content is authored, reviewed and approved once and used many times,, creating efficiencies, reducing the risk of errors and reducing stakeholder fatigue.

If previously verified content is edited then verification ‘breaks"

As a result, any documents published using that piece of content will contain a watermark saying, 'This document contains unverified content - Not for public distribution'. This ensures that only fully verified documents are able to be published with no watermark and gives you comfort that all content in your documents have been through due diligence.

Digital due diligence

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Digital due diligence

Permanent record of governance at your fingertips

Assign content sections to specific groups for review and approval

Once this content has been approved it is locked down and no further changes can be made.

Collecting substantiation material for your approval is easy

Review notes allows content owners to add substantiation for their approval. Review notes will always stay attached to the specific piece of content.

Full audit history

Governance and record keeping made easy as every review is recorded so that you can demonstrate who approved it and when.


Different groups can have different attestations and attestation questions as part of the approval process.

Verification or Attestation certificates

You can publish a Verification or Attestation Certificate showing all content and who approved and when. This acts like a digital signature to track the final sign off for Risk and Compliance.

Governance, risk and compliance management

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Governance, risk and compliance management

Audit and track of every change and action. Trace decisions back to the individual. Maintain proof of verification in associated content

Speed up internal review with automation

Assign specific sections to stakeholders for review. Automatic email notifications flag action is required and ‘review notes’ can be attached to specific sections of content.

Demonstrate a (digital) paper trail

Automatically generated Verification and Attestation certificates link directly to the relevant section of a document. Any other supporting commentary associated with that section is included.

Audit, risk and compliance management

Full audit and tracking of every change and action ensures all decisions can be traced back to an individual and all proof is maintained with associated content.

Publish with one click

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Publish with one click

Publish your web ready verified Target Market Determinations (TMDs) at the push of a button

De-couple the publishing from the content approval process
Pull verified source content into your collateral; and in doing so remove the human element of copying and pasting from verified content to final published outputs using old versions of content.

One-click publishing and automated document formatting
Based on a pre-configured publishing engine, using content sourced directly from a single information repository of verified content. Last minute changes to verified content are easily made and instantly updated across all relevant pieces of collateral.

Cut the time it takes to produce a TMD by up to 40%
Fit-for-purpose software specifically for disclosure production and management.

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Multi-authoring of a single source of the truth revolutionises how you think about your documents.

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Easily produce a Verification Certificate for your Due Diligence Committee or an internal sign-off.

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Whether you have one or one hundred brands, our publishing system is here for your print, download and online content.

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Manage content changes proactively or rely on version control; either way the complete authoring lifecycle is recorded.

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Management dashboards show where you’re at in your product rolls and business as usual disclosure changes.

Icon keystone record governance


Easily produce a permanent record of governance.

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Transform the DDO regime

Minimise the cost and pain of regulatory change with proven automation technology.

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