Better financial futures with document process transformation

One thing that was slowing HUB24 down was the burden of disclosure. Three years of business growth meant that the disclosure documentation had increased dramatically. They required accurate, compliant, and on-brand documentation, being needed more quickly, and with less risk and process blockers.

HUB24 joined over 30 leading Australian and New Zealand Financial Services Organisations to use Objective Keystone as their disclosure management software. Objective Keystone helps HUB24 to mitigate risk by increasing accountability and reducing errors occurring within their documents. This greatly speeds up the process of bringing new products and offers to market by now taking half the amount of time it used to.

Objective Keystone has been an ‘absolute game changer’ to the HUB24 business – embedding transformational processes 'that have set them up for even greater future success’.

With all the efficiencies that it gives our business, we’ve been able to bring new products and new offers to the market in half the amount of time that we used to.

Matthew Jose

Head of Product Management, HUB24

Video dated 10-08-2022. Participants in this video were employed by HUB24 at the time of filming, roles may have changed since filming.