Electronic Plan Review

Accurate, efficient electronic plan reviews for building compliance

Eliminate paper-based plan checks with software purpose-built for plan examiners.

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Say goodbye to paper plan reviews

Say hello to Objective Trapeze. Transform plan reviews into a fast, accurate and paperless process.

Objective Trapeze electronic plan review software helps planning and building departments review plans quickly and accurately, while ensuring compliance with ICC codes and amendments.

Smart tools for fast, accurate plan checks

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Smart tools for fast, accurate plan checks

Purpose built for Plan Examiners, markups, measurements, calculations and stamping are completely digital.

Accurate measurements and calculations every time

Easily perform even the most complex measurements and calculations to evaluate compliance with ICC codes and amendments.

Simplify plan reviews with mark-up tools

Flag issues and non-compliance, highlight amendments and keep track of your measurements with a variety of customizable mark-up tools. Visual cues result in more effective communication with applicants, internal experts and contractors.

Accelerate plan approvals with automatic batch stamping

Fast-track the approval process by applying custom digital stamps. A 100-page application can be stamped in a few mouse clicks, automatically finding white space to apply the stamp.

Build safer communities, streamline processes and optimize resourcing

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Build safer communities, streamline processes and optimize resourcing

More accurate reviews deliver better quality buildings. More efficient reviews improve reputations.

Greater efficiency leads to financial benefits and peace of mind

Empowering plan examiners with fit-for-purpose digital tools increases your department’s ability to conduct more plan reviews faster, without additional headcount. More rigorous checks mitigate the risk of costly and damaging ‘surprises’ down the track.

Strengthen collaboration between the planning and building department and applicants

With digital mark-up tools, plan examiners can quickly and easily identify areas of non-compliance and missing details, and work closely with applicants to resolve the issues. By providing clear feedback and guidance, plan examiners can help applicants understand and navigate the plan review process, resulting in a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Better community outcomes

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Better community outcomes

Smooth plan checks lead to happier communities.

Deliver a fantastic digital experience to your community

A smarter, more efficient and 100% digital plan review and approval process leads to significant benefits for applicants - from enabling online submissions, enhanced communication with the planning and building department, better experience throughout the process, to faster approval times.

Pave the way for greater community outcomes and economic development

The efficiency improvements delivered by Objective Trapeze help local governments keep pace with higher volumes of applications, often with the same amount of internal resources. All while delivering sound planning outcomes. This translates into direct economic benefits for the municipality, supporting population growth and generating jobs and wealth.

Do more with less

Expect these types of benefits when your planning department goes digital.

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Software to conduct plan checks faster, with pinpoint accuracy.

Learn how Objective Trapeze can help your municipality.

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You’re in good company

More than 500 local governments in the UK, Australia and New Zealand rely on Objective Trapeze to conduct plan reviews faster. Take advantage of experts who understand local government and planning, and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Objective Trapeze.

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With Objective Trapeze, it’s just a matter of hitting a button and – bang – it’s stamped the whole document. It’s allowed us to get consents through the system quicker, and out the door at the other end.

Brent Cunningham

Acting Team Leader, Building and Services - Waitaki District Council

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Conduct plan reviews faster

Software built exclusively for plan examiners and building officials. All the tools you need to review and approve digital applications.

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