A modern approach to eDiscovery

Easily find and place holds on records and content to support eDiscovery requests.

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Locate, collate, enact legal holds and collect

Freedom of Information requests, legal discovery, audits, or online investigations can all be managed from Objective 3Sixty. Place legal or audit holds on documents, export documents or create XML outputs to import into external discovery tools.

On-premise and cloud connectors

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On-premise and cloud connectors

Discover content from more than over 50 content management systems, business process solutions, and enterprise applications.

No coding required

Discovering content from document repositories shouldn’t require bespoke coding. Objective 3Sixty delivers a wizard-driven approach to eDicovery at any scale.

On-premise to the cloud, or both

Objective 3Sixty has a library of connectors that can access the document repositories of solutions including M365, OneDrive, Alfresco, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, IBM File, iManage, Infor and more.

Secure search

The transition from paper to electronic has transformed legal discovery forever. Objective 3Sixty gives you the ability to search unstructured content such email, PDF, Word documents, Excel or PowerPoint files, information from social media and structured content such as Jira or Salesforce databases.

Automated analysis and holds

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Automated analysis and holds

Automate the discovery process, to ensure you are collating only the data you need.

Identify and tag your content

Build aggregated views that pinpoints duplicates and flags sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII).

Place Legal and Audit Holds

Preserve electronically stored information (ESI) using digital legal and audit holds. Ensure that the contents and metadata cannot be deleted or altered.

Collate and Export

Once your legal hold has been implemented, compile those records without replication, and then export the data in electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) XML format for import into a processing tool.

Tame the data sprawl in your organisation

Features the deliver control, flexibility, scalability, and data security at all stages of the eDiscovery process.

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On-premise or in the cloud

eDiscovery, wherever the documents or data resides.

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Enhanced visibility

View versions, meta data, created date, modified date, type and more.

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Legal and Audit Holds

Preserve documents from deletion or alterations.

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Repository Analysis

Simplify the discovery process by identifying ROT.

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Export content to EDRM XML for processing.

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Speed and scale

Designed for billions of documents.

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A modern approach to eDiscovery

Easily find and place holds on records and content to support eDiscovery requests.

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