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A complete building consent platform

Ensure consistency, quality, transparency and time savings for everyone involved in the consent process.

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Helping both the construction sector and local government thrive

Automating consent processing within councils will make it easier for architects, designers and builders across New Zealand to obtain their building consents.

For councils, injecting consistency, transparency, quality and efficiency into the consent process will help build high-quality dwellings, support housing construction and drive social and economic outcomes for their communities. 


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Deliver a quality and timely service with a single set of rules for applications and a consistent process for review.

For Builders

With a single portal for all councils, builders could see all their work across the country; and the status of any application, anywhere.

Builders and architects can manage client relationships with confidence, delivering clear communication and timely service.

For Councils

Ingesting consistent data means councils know exactly what they’ll receive and can set their teams up to support the process more effectively. Effective resource allocation will mean timely inspections, reduced costs and <another example of the benefits here>.

It's all about helping the industry get started faster. 


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Make confident decisions based on full knowledge. We are working to create crystal clear views across each element of the process.

For architects

Visibility over the process at all times means you can keep clients up to date on progress, and prepare any RFI responses immediately, rather than waiting until the end of the assessment process. Ultimately, saving you and your clients, time.

For builders

Plan your projects and contractors, know what changes are acceptable, or not and know when inspections are scheduled.

For councils

Visibility of the overall process will show the pipeline of work ahead allowing you to meet your obligations for each application.


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To create safe, warm homes with great quality construction, building designs must meet the regulations. The right products & solutions can help.

Compliance with regulations

When applications meet requirements, designers and architects receive less queries from council and the path to approval is expedited.

With the right information provided at the outset, councils have greater confidence in the application and can work through validation faster.

Ongoing improvement

These quality outcomes are possible. Through computer vision and machine learning we can constantly improve applications <how do we achieve this???>, ensuring applicants know what’s required, allowing us to build higher quality homes.


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When a single day's delay can cost millions, making the process more efficient is a priority.


Through improvements to automation, we believe there is time to be saved throughout the process. - HOW? Make it about our reader, not about us.

Visibility drives improvements

Clear visibility of the time taken to complete each step in the process, by whom and when, highlights improvement opportunities.

Who's Involved?

Representatives from across New Zealand are contributing to the vision for Objective Build, helping to create a transformational consenting platform.

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Council Representatives

Representatives from 9 councils across New Zealand meet monthly as part of our Strategic Working Group. In addition, almost 25 councils have contributed feedback.


Ongoing consultation with applicants; from group home builders to boutique architects, reinforces their desire for a consistent system to manage consents. Feedback from these industry advisors is pivotal in shaping Objective Build.

The Objective Team

A team of world-class developers and subject matter experts with decades of experience in Building, Processing & Inspections form the design and engineering team bringing Objective Build to life.

Features designed for consistency, transparency, quality and efficiency

Transforming processes so that our industry can work smarter, not harder.

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Consistent Application Process

One view and a single process across councils. Applicants will be able to see any of their applications, with any council, within the one platform.

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Machine Learning

Specific algorithms, having learnt from hundreds of other applications, make sure applicants know up front what is required of them.

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Templating & Reuse

Re-use information by creating templates for specific application types. Copy from prior applications and reuse data to speed up the process.

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Reporting Dashboards

Simple, easy to use dashboards for both individuals and organisations, allow you to see where all applications are in the process and more.

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RFI Management

Minimise RFIs by getting high quality applications initially. And specialised tools designed to make it easier to manage information requests.

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Document Management

Specialist tools are built into the process to tag, annotate & merge documentations, making it easy for applicants to see exactly what documents Councils require.

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Notification Centre

Be notified when something changes or action is required, send information & be assured that council has received it. Know exactly where an application is at any time.

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User & Permissions Management

Re-use contact information, save contacts for later into a library, manage an entire organisation's access and consents easily.

What's Next?

Keep up to date with the progress of Objective Build and read about upcoming features.


Manage users and Building Consents within an organisation, instead of as individuals.

Consenting Documentation

A simplified process for managing and providing all documentation for a Building Consent.

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OBJ Build H White

A complete building consent platform

Ensure consistency, quality, transparency and time savings for everyone involved in the consent process.

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