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Complaints management system for regulators

Stay ahead in the regulatory field with Objective RegWorks' Complaints Management System. Crafted specifically for regulators, our system empowers agencies to seamlessly capture, triage, track, and resolve to complaints.

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Effortlessly manage complaints with Objective RegWorks

Navigating the complexities of complaint management is crucial for regulatory bodies. Objective RegWorks offers an end-to-end solution that streamlines this process, providing real-time insights and a comprehensive view of all complaints. Our system includes an online public portal and back office to provide a single source of truth, ensuring that every complaint is tracked from inception to resolution.

Optimise your complaint management process

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Optimise your complaint management process

Centralised complaint tracking

Keep all complaint-related information in one place. Our system allows members of the public to raise complaints and you can track their status effortlessly, providing a complete audit trail for each case. This centralised approach not only improves efficiency but also empowers you to respond within statutory timeframes.

Automated workflows

Automate routine tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and ensuring that complaints are handled promptly. Our system provides intuitive work queues that enable you to focus on critical issues while maintaining efficiency. Workflows with relevant business rules reduces the risk of human error and ensures that all necessary steps in the complaint management process are completed accurately.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Generate real-time reports and analytics to monitor complaint trends and performance metrics. Use this data to make informed decisions and improve your regulatory processes. Powerful analytics tools can identify patterns and trends in complaints, helping you to address systemic issues and improve overall service quality. Real-time dashboards provide a clear view of key performance indicators and allow for in-depth analysis when needed.

Enhanced collaboration

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Enhanced collaboration

Team collaboration

Facilitate teamwork with a unified platform that allows multiple departments to work together. Share insights, delegate tasks, and ensure a coordinated approach to complaint management. Our system supports role-based access, ensuring that team members can access the information they need while maintaining data security. Collaborative tools such as shared workspaces and case notes foster communication and streamline the complaint resolution process.

Integrate with existing systems

Our system integrates with your existing systems and corporate environment. This negates the need to work across multiple platforms, ensuring everything is in one place and easy to access.

Customisable workflow management

Objective RegWorks understands that each regulatory agency has unique processes and requirements. Our complaints management System offers adaptable workflows that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the system supports your existing procedures while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. You can define workflow stages, business rules, templates, set approval processes and customise notification triggers to match your operational model.

Secure, compliant & scalable

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Secure, compliant & scalable

Data security

Ensure data security with our state-of-the-art encryption and access controls. Protect sensitive information and maintain compliance with government regulations. Our system is designed with security in mind, incorporating advanced authentication mechanisms, regular security updates, and rigorous testing to safeguard your data against threats.

Keep up with changes to legislation and your regulatory posture

Objective RegWorks' Complaints Management System is designed to help you meet all regulatory requirements. Stay up to date by making changes to the system yourselves and ensure that your processes align with legislative standards. Our system puts the power in your hands to enable you to keep up to date with the latest regulatory changes and ensures that your complaint handling processes are always fit for purpose.


As your agency grows, so do your needs. Our system is scalable, allowing you to add new users, departments, and functionalities as required. This ensures that the system can adapt to new requirements without having to tack on other solutions. Whether you’re handling a few complaints or thousands, our system can scale to meet your demands.

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Complaints management system for regulators

Stay ahead in the regulatory field with Objective RegWorks' Complaints Management System.

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