Enabling Police with specialist technology to help keep us safe

Continually improve public safety and security with the help of a powerful, end-to-end regulatory solution.

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Equipping Police with software designed to support their regulatory duties so our communities can thrive.

Police protect the community by preventing, detecting and investigating crime; monitoring and promoting road safety; maintaining social order, enforcing legislation and regulations, and undertaking emergency and rescue operations. A strong, reliable, end-to-end regulatory system is key to delivering quality Police work and improving community outcomes.

Objective RegWorks is a specialist SaaS solution that adapts to changing legislation. It enables Police to manage licensing, assess applications, conduct inspections and make intelligent decisions through a single, accurate view of data. 

A complete, end-to-end solution

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A complete, end-to-end solution

Manage end-to-end regulatory, compliance and enforcement functions within the one system.

Easily adapt to changing legislation

Implement rules based on legislation within workflows. Easily alter rules to reflect changes in legislation and ensure compliance.

Provide the community with digital self-service

Provide a digital platform for applicants to submit applications, manage their details, review progress of their application, and make payments online.

Licence management

Manage licences throughout their lifecycle including approvals, scheduled checks, recording of audit results and corrective actions, renewals, sanctions and orders.

Intelligent decision-making

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Intelligent decision-making

Process applications with confidence, determine decisions or impose conditions to administer legislation safely.

Make informed, risk-based decisions

Ensure consistent, risk-based decision-making with built-in risk features including risk identification, analysis, actions and decisions. Visual risk representation helps users apply controls and take appropriate action.

Live dashboards and reporting on demand

Monitor performance with access to real-time reporting within minutes, providing full visibility on the status of all activities.

A single view of history

Speed up registration and licensing approvals and renewals with complete visibility of an applicant's details, history and related activities from a single screen.

Deliver mobility and flexibility

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Deliver mobility and flexibility

Access real-time information from anywhere and adapt to your changing work environment.

Access information in the field

With seamless multi-device technology, Police can carry out inspections in either online or offline mode. Collect information and increase access to vital information in the field.

A flexible and dynamic system

Respond to high profile mandates, changing legislation, and meet implementation deadlines with a flexible no-code or low-code solution that aligns to your requirements.

Automated, efficient processing

Replace highly manual tasks, create consistent processes and reduce the risk of error. Save time and costs, freeing up resources to focus on important and high-risk areas.

Powerful reporting

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Powerful reporting

Integrate seamlessly with existing Police systems to support full visibility of all available data.

A single integrated platform

Replace disparate and bespoke systems that make sharing information and reporting difficult, with one end-to-end solution.

Full audit trails

Full audit trails capture every access to the system and logs every single step in the process to ensure chain of evidence level compliance is attained. This can be used for enforcement activities or litigation.

Secure reporting

Securely protect extremely sensitive information. Access controls allow only authorised personnel to view and report on sensitive information.

Features that help deliver exceptional Police work and improve community outcomes.

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Seamless integration

Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs

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Capture evidence in the field

Enable Police Officers the capability to capture information in the field, with automatic uploading for later reviewing and retrieval.

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Real-time reporting

Monitor performance using real-time information captured within a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards.

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Replace manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve productivity across the Police Force.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Single source of data

Create a single source of reliable, accurate information to drive transparent, consistent decisions. Accessible in the office and on the field.



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Reinforcing Police with specialist technology to help keep us safe

Reduce crime and violence and improve public safety with the help of a powerful, end-to-end regulatory solution.

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