Become a best practice regulator

Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes with an end-to-end regulation solution.

With Objective RegWorks, government agencies can harness the power of a single, end-to-end solution to better manage regulation and become trusted, best practice regulators.

Better Regulation

Effective regulation is the cornerstone of fostering fair, safe and sustainable community outcomes. It helps set standards, guide desirable behaviours and protect community interests. But the pursuit of effective regulation is a constant challenge for government regulators.

Evolving legislation, changing community needs, and managing geographically dispersed teams create a complex environment that’s overburdened by administration and difficult to manage.

Objective RegWorks is an end-to-end solution designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement. Highly configurable and easily integrated to other core systems, it allows regulators to keep up with legislative changes and adapt business processes.

Combined with powerful reporting, auditing, and risk profiling capabilities, regulators can better manage regulatory compliance and improve community outcomes.

Single solution for the entire regulatory process

With Objective RegWorks, better regulation is built into every step of the process. From approvals and assessments, to investigations and managing enforcement actions, it enables consistent, intelligent regulatory management.