Fuelling modern government agencies

Connect people to information and processes through the technology they use every day, while governance is automatically embedded into digital operations.

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Empower people with information. Protect what you're accountable for.

Connect people to information across departments, locations, applications and processes. Balance the ability to evidence historic decisions while powering the operations of a modern government agency. Underpinned by a central information source, governance is applied across digital operations and remote working. This enables demonstrable decision-making, ultimately building trust in government.

Connected Governance brings together people and processes with relevant and trusted information within their chosen applications, helping agencies achieve quantifiable results.

Automated governance

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Automated governance

Compliance is never treated as an after-thought; it is embedded in the process, allowing users to work naturally in the familiar business applications they use every day.

Connected applications - single source of information

Easily define, evolve and extend the reach of information governance into your agency's ecosystem. Integrate with your applications to apply consistent governance. Whether you're connecting to a CRM, financial system or Microsoft 365, ensure you can maintain a single source of all critical information.

Classification and aggregation - no need for recordkeeping decisions

Remove the need for users to make recordkeeping decisions. Leverage the power of Content Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically apply disposition, privileges, classifications, caveats, publishing and approval specifications. Accurate classification provides the context of your records and presents trusted information to your users.

Effortless compliance with information management standards

For over 30 years, Objective has been helping agencies manage their information, enabling them to comply with government regulations and international standards. Providing a range of automated processes to assist with effortless compliance, from ISO standards to a range of government standards relating to the management and security of information.

Access information assets

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Access information assets

Accurate, effective and efficient decisions can be made with easy access to relevant information. Promote accountability, transparency and trust by making information accessible to the right people, whether internal staff, external trusted parties or citizens.

User freedom - work in your applications of choice

Freely work in your application of choice, from your office or remotely. Whether you spend your day in Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Teams, Outlook) or a line of business system, you keep working in the applications that suit you. Relevant information will be accessible directly from your business application, while recordkeeping obligations are automatically applied.

Search & discover information, its history and context

Powerful and clever search reveals all relevant information, including their complete history, no matter where it came from. With context around your results, you can quickly find what you are looking for and discover what's relevant, whether a manager's approval was given in Microsoft Teams or a ministerial brief written five years ago.

Information security - for internal and external users

Information security applies to everyone, whether internal staff, external trusted parties or citizens accessing information. Ensure that information assets and records are secured to prevent tampering, misplacement or unauthorized access. Extend your internal information governance externally and maintain control over shared documents.

Digital Process Transformation

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Digital Process Transformation

From case-centric workflows to complex processes that accomplish important, agency-wide goals, delivering productivity and efficiency gains for individuals, teams and the entire agency.

Automate processes - improve accuracy, time frames and outcomes

Provide knowledge workers with the ability to take ownership of their tasks and be more effective. Run automated business processes that are auditable and respect your information governance policies. Decrease overheads, improve accuracy and deliver better outcomes for staff and citizens by transforming your critical processes.

Transparency and visibility - stay on target

Beyond efficiency, digital process automation delivers transparency across all business processes. Through reporting and audit trails, organisations and their staff can quickly locate and remove bottlenecks, ensure consistency and achieve productivity KPIs.

Management and tracking - for performance reporting

At a click of a button, see the progress of any task or the journey that it has taken. Providing your agency with the power of responsible performance management and measurements to deliver what the community expects.

Secure, information management platform

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Secure, information management platform

Empower your organisation with a modern information management platform that can be delivered to suit your infrastructure and integrated with your existing business systems.

Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid

Through our proven track record working with government, we understand that flexibility is a must. Whether you're looking for cloud-first, on-premises software or a hybrid model, Objective software can be deployed to suit your organisation’s needs now, and into the future.

Software as a Service

As agencies look for operational efficiencies, many transitions to the cloud via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Objective delivers a complete SaaS solution where you do not compromise on functionality or performance. SaaS reduces operating costs through high availability, an evergreen environment that provides continuous access to the latest features.

Secure by design

Security of our software and our customers’ information is of the utmost importance. All Objective solutions are secure by design. From our development practices to the management of your data in the cloud, Objective addresses the core tenants of information security - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Achieve quantifiable results

We help our customers deliver quantifiable results to their organisations and the broader community they serve.

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Img Value Graphics QLD Police 108000 savings paper handling

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Solutions to fuel digital government

Connect people to information and processes through the technology they use every day, while governance is embedded into digital operations.

Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.

Effortless information management and powerful process automation.


Streamline content driven processes

Powerful workflow software to automate business processes.


Robust governance across all information

Improve efficiency, transparency and auditability.


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise

Effortless information management and powerful process automation.


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Take a look at how our customers are transforming their worlds.

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Fuelling modern government agencies

Connect people to information and processes through the technology they use every day, while governance is automatically embedded into digital operations.

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