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Greater visibility of processing infringements provides faster outcomes for the community

Implementing a streamlined approach through Objective ECM workflow capability has enabled Access Canberra to respond to residents in an efficient manner and reduce time due to manual handling.

Workflow capabilities within Objective ECM have helped Access Canberra to minimise manual handling of processes and reduce delays.

By implementing a streamlined approach, Access Canberra was enabled with an automated process – providing managers the visibility they need track work and determine what is being processed from both a remote and office environment. Furthermore, integrating the process with Access Canberra’s online smart forms has allowed for a faster response time to residents.

The benefit of workflow allows us to provide a targeted deployment of resources. You can get your team working on the right things and knowing the statistics of what you have is just invaluable.

Daniel Laundess

Assistant Director, Infringement Review Access Canberra