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Better Together: Objective and Microsoft 365

Address the digital government conundrum and balance collaboration with information governance

The way information is created, evaluated, captured, protected, consumed and distributed is key to effective digital government. Likewise, it is essential to provide a work environment that offers an easy way for users to communicate and collaborate.

Most organisations have turned to Microsoft 365 as it is an ideal platform for enterprise collaboration. However, there is a need to consider its information governance and how adequate it is for your organisation.

If your end-goal is greater collaboration and greater governance, Objective and Microsoft 365 can work together harmoniously, delivering a high degree of information governance while freeing users to collaborate as needed.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to leverage the communication and collaboration benefits of Microsoft 365 with effortless information and process governance capabilities of Objective.

Learn why the combination of Microsoft 365 and Objective ECM ultimately provides government agencies with well-managed information to better support, protect and serve the community.