Introducing colour compare, two document view & so much more.

August 2020 update

Colour Compare

Colour Compare lives inside Document Compare and overlays "Page A" and "Page B" using different colours for each. All lines common between those two pages remain grey, making the changes stand out in colour. Clicking "Contrast" allows you to focus on the changes even more easily by fading those grey lines to light grey. And finally, for those tricky pages that don't readily align with each other, simply click "Position" to move Page B relative to Page A.

Measurement Panel Improvements

Measure across pages! Add up multiple floor areas across multiple plans in seconds! The Measurement Panel now also has a calculator at the bottom just where you need it. All of your measurements are shown in the panel, whether they are quick measurements or measurement annotations. Toggle their visibility to hide them from the page when needed.

Document Combining

Combine multiple documents directly from Windows Explorer or your Windows Desktop, simply by selecting them, right clicking on one of them and then choosing "Combine with Objective Trapeze" from the context menu. Arrange them in order and then Trapeze does the rest in one click.

Two Document View

Need to see two documents side-by-side without closing any other open documents or opening another instance of Trapeze? Now you can with Two Document View, which also works with two pages of the same document such as a Floor Plan and an Elevation.

Duplicate Page

You can now easily duplicate one or more pages in seconds, simply by right-clicking on the relevant thumbnail (or thumbnails) and choosing "Duplicate".

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