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What's new in Trapeze

Since the release of Objective Trapeze Professional in mid-2019, the Objective Trapeze team has been working hard to deliver great new time-saving features and enhancements. Click here to see what is available to our subscription customers!

Which installer should I choose?

The .msi installer is generally recommended as it can be silently deployed or pushed out to computers using Group Policy. The .exe installer is an interactive installer, meaning the user has to click through each step and thus is only suited for smaller organizations where manual installation may be appropriate. Most organizations should use the x64 version of Trapeze, as it is generally more performant and robust due to being able to address additional memory in Windows. Though in some cases you may still need to use the 32-bit version of Trapeze for compatibility with integrations. E.g. Content Manager 32-bit client API.

How to get started with Trapeze Professional

  1. Download the Trapeze installer from the links above. Generally, we recommend using the x64 .msi installer where possible.
  2. Run the installer, or deploy via Group Policy or other packaging tools
  3. Enter your Trapeze license when prompted (browse to and select your .tpz license file)

Download Trapeze Deployment Guide PDF

Please refer to the Trapeze Deployment Guide for detailed deployment guidance, such as how to deploy your Trapeze license to your users and how to manage the configuration of stamps and other application preferences.

Need Assistance?

Please contact us via the Objective Global Customer Support Portal

Note: If you haven’t used the portal before choose the “Continue as guest” option on the login page.