Measurement & Document Compare Updates

February 2020 Update

Measurement Panel

All of your measurements are now tracked in the new floating Measurement Panel. The panel can be moved (including to a second screen if available) and resized as needed. The panel makes it easy to revisit previous quick measurements and measurement annotations, whether they are lines, areas or circles. Choose the information you want to display in the panel, and export its contents to a .TSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Document Compare Improvements

No more "Spot the difference". Document Compare now highlights all page differences in colour with the click of a button! No more sliding or fading (though these still exist).The colours can be changed for accessibility. You can also now exclude areas of a page from the page comparison process (such as a title block with changed revision numbers or dates) when Document Compare is identifying which pages have been changed.

Ci Anywhere Integration

Our new connector means our customers using Ci Anywhere with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge can easily check documents in and out of TechOne ECM with ease, by opening them directly into Objective Trapeze. Additional functionality is also provided, such as creating and registering new copies of the open document.

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