Document Compare gets an upgrade!

July 2022 Update

We’ve just released some great new enhancements to Document Compare, and upgraded some of its existing functionality to improve its performance. These changes include:

  • A new ‘regions’ tool, which allows users to select areas of the plans for comparison, allowing them to compare drawings that have shifted location on the page with superior accuracy.
  • Improved highlighting of differences and enhanced image quality in Colour Compare.
  • Ability to export overlaid pages from Colour Compare to a new PDF.
  • Manual alignment in Colour Compare remembered when switching to compare using the Slider or Fader.
  • A new setting to have Document Compare launch in Side By Side view (great for single-page documents), and the Compare view now remembers if Colour Compare was the most recently-used comparison method.

We’ve also made some changes to the tools and commands with the Document Compare feature set. Watch the video above to see all the changes in action, and how James Jones, our Product Manager, would use each feature when comparing plans.

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