Cloud Administration is now available!

Remove the need for VPNs & Manage your admin functions in one place

Trapeze Cloud Administration is now available – allowing council teams to manage stamps, presets, settings, users and more in the cloud.

As councils continue to work in hybrid environments, we’ve been working to solve the challenges of managing shared stamps and presets when people are working remotely.

Cloud Administration means you can centralise your administration functions, bringing them to modern day technology and removing the need for .INI files and VPN access to use Trapeze from home.

Our new cloud admin tool allows you to:

  • Put users into groups, and manage them by group
  • Specify users to manage key settings
  • Manage your teams via an online application
  • Delegate admin authority to those who need it
  • Manage your organisation’s stamps and presets
  • Access our Trapeze's Assessment Add-ons, which are available for purchase

Need some training on Objective Trapeze? Remember you can access our Learning Hub 24/7. If you need additional training support, please contact us to find out more about our remote training options.