Secure transmittal of contracts and large case files

Secure, electronic transmittal of contracts or large case files for input from external parties or reference when off site.

The Problem

The justice network encompasses a variety of external parties that collaborate on highly sensitive information such as contracts, pieces of evidence and hearing notes. Agencies often rely on encrypted USBs of unsecure methods of sharing to transfer critical content externally, creating delays and bottlenecks when having to collaborate cross-agency.

The Solution

Objective Connect provides a secure method of transmitting critical pieces of information across organisations within the justice network allowing faster turnround times with case work and increased visibility. It also meets compliance requirements that have traditionally prevented efficient collaboration. With Objective Connect the justice sector can confidently embrace a more efficient and secure method of sharing information with ease.

We use Objective Connect to securely share large, confidential documents with Courts & Tribunals and barristers. It’s an efficient and user-friendly portal where users can easily sign-in and upload documents without any hassle.

Laura Winterton

Records Officer, Victorian Legal Services Board Commissioner