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Enhancing RMS heavy vehicle safety screening in NSW with automation

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the New South Wales Government agency responsible for delivering safe and efficient journeys throughout NSW. Their duties involve managing the road network, optimising travel times, providing capacity and maintenance solutions for road and maritime infrastructure, educating and licensing drivers and vessel operators, registering and inspecting vehicles and vessels and improving both road and maritime safety.

Their Heavy Vehicle Safety Screen program seeks to intercept and inspect heavy vehicles that may be operating illegally or are non-compliant and therefore pose a risk for road users, the road infrastructure or the environment. Continued growth in vehicle movements over the first two years of risk-based screening led the RMS to seek enhancements that would provide the same or better level of assurance without a commensurate increase in compliance resources.

Objective (formerly Itree) became the prime technology software partner for RMS to implement risk-based heavy vehicle safety screening. The goal was to develop enhancements to the software solution, based on further analysis of risk factors.

Enhanced screening has now been fully implemented across NSW, delivered within project budget and on schedule. Routine screening is now largely automated and occurs while the vehicles are in motion.

As a result, RMS can use its resources most effectively to achieve the best safety outcomes, risk-based screening minimises the cost and intrusiveness of compliance activity for those who are doing the right thing. The data from sensors and other sources is analysed to recommend risk-based intervention. The depth and currency of the data allows RMS and the NSW Police to identify and respond quickly to emerging risk profiles.

The introduction of automated screening lanes has also improved traffic flow and minimised disruption for compliant vehicle operators.

These systems have become a template for how vehicle movement data should be collected nationally. 
The RMS continues to regard Objective as a value-adding technology partner.

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