Ensuring the accuracy of a PDS with an auditable process

Objective Keystone has enabled Mayflower Consulting to work across a single source of truth - maintaining accuracy of information

Mayflower Consulting manages the production of Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for many wealth management companies.

If a PDS is found to be misleading, there are very serious consequences for the stakeholders involved, however producing PDSs can be a complicated and stressful process with many contributors and looming deadlines. Mayflower advise that a "painless process for perfect PDS" requires the right people, the right processes and the right technology. 

Objective Keystone was the only technology to meet all of the firm’s needs. It permanently records all information pulled into projects ensuring a PDS is completed correctly. The track changes feature enables the firm to compare with prior versions and easily supply to board members, stakeholders and key business experts for feedback. Most importantly, it provides an auditable, single source of truth.

Objective Keystone reduces the time it takes to roll PDSs.

And most importantly, reduces the stress around the whole thing because you know at the end of the day, you’ve got an auditable process that you can absolutely rely on to meet the requirements.

Sarah Penn

Founder and CEO - Mayflower Consulting

Objective Keystone has everything you need to produce PDSs in one place. A full suite of authoring, publishing and stakeholder engagement tools to automate and manage the entire document production lifecycle. The result: increased speed-to-publishing and a lower cost of compliance.