Securely sharing critical information about where people and places are with its external collaborators

Traditional email exchange was proving very clunky, large attachments and small inbox size limits frequently prevented sharing information easily. The staff at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) were driven to unsupported, unsecured methods of sharing information and removable storage devices. This created unnecessary risks and caused delays to time critical projects. LINZ needed to find a better solution!

LINZ makes sure New Zealand has accurate information about where people and places are; people have confidence in their property rights and Crown property is well managed for future generations.

LINZ assessed a number of tools including Objective Connect, Office 365, DropBox, GoogleDocs, secure FTP server etc. They piloted a range of secure tools based upon the degree and type of collaboration required.

Objective Connect quickly became a stand out favourite amongst our staff. Although we had intended to run a limited pilot of Connect, our staff loved it so much that we were inundated with requests for access.

Janet Upton

Manager Knowledge Leadership, Land Information New Zealand