Why Objective Connect is the solution of choice for secure external collaboration

Objective Connect is continuously evolving to enable secure collaboration and leverage the permissions in your Objective ECM file plan

The last two years have demonstrated the importance of collaboration platforms that are easy to use and function across remote environments. However, the increased use of these platforms has posed challenges for agencies that share sensitive information and need to maintain solid information governance. 

From delays of engaging with IT teams that sit outside the collaboration event, to the increased risk that comes with external file sharing, Objective understands that there is a better way to share external files. Where other tools may not have the same level of focus or consideration, Objective Connect has been developed specifically to meet the needs of a government agency sharing information that is sensitive in nature. 

Objective Connect addresses common and evolving pain points and sits within many government organisations as the trusted external collaboration platform. Key to Objective Connect's success is its ability to integrate with Objective ECM. This ensures the policies and permissions within your pre-exisiting Objective ECM file plan are adhered to. With Objective Connect, you can be sure that governance and control is maintained throughout all sharing activities especially when such collaboration can involve highly sensitive content.

Security is top of mind

At Collaborate 2021, Jon Mills, Product Manager at Objective, explained why Objective Connect is the solution of choice for government and regulated industries. Objective Connect is continuously developed with security at the top of mind. Over the past year, we have brought out security focused enhancements which include:

  • Single Sign On
  • Public API
  • Admin Telemetry and Insight Tools
  • Mandatory 2-Step Verification and enhancements
  • Hosted Connect Link Platform

Deep knowledge of your agency requirements

Furthermore, Jon covers additional updates to Objective Connect in line with customer feedback. These highly requested improvements have been implemented in the Objective Connect interface including document title search and the new workspace manager ability.

These improvements not only provide you with further functionality to quickly navigate and organise workspaces, but also provide additional user access controls and visibility. The updates aim to continue assisting owners of potentially sensitive shared content with functions that ensure information is correctly managed, audited, and available as needed throughout the collaboration event.

The recent releases and system updates directly link to the importance of maintaining control and visibility across the entire collaboration event throughout all systems that are in use. Being able to empower end users with functions to both provide or revoke sharing access is critical to ensuring that content is made available and completely accessible without any delay.

Objective Connect understands government and what our customers need. With deep knowledge of your agency requirements, we aim to ensure that all considerations and pain points are accounted for when you need to securely collaborate in the cloud. 

For more information on this topic, watch the recording from Collaborate above. You can also take a deeper dive into why Objective Connect’s secure collaboration is designed for government and explore the security enhancements in more detail here.