How you can work better with automated governance

Learn how you can get the most out of Microsoft 365 while Objective delivers the governance you require

Wouldn’t it be great to work with confidence in Microsoft 365 applications, knowing that your compliance requirements are covered? Objective makes that possible by integrating with Microsoft 365 applications, automated email capture, connectors for Power Automate and Objective Gov365.

Automatically capture content and context

Integration with Objective provides governance over Microsoft 365 content, surfaces context and content through the applications, and supports and enhances your policies and procedures.

Integration points for Microsoft 365 in addition to Word, Excel and Powerpoint:

  • Microsoft 365 add-ins – Users can quickly edit or release a document from within the application, while surfacing the contextual information
  • Metadata – Feed information like reference numbers automatically into the document
  • Co-authoring – Enable users to co-author a document and save versions while it is being co-authored.

Watch the video above to learn more in detail.

Never miss essential detail in your inbox

Objective integrates with Outlook add-ins with the ability to capture the email, its attachments, and importantly, the surrounding metadata associated with the email. With sleek UX, simply drag and drop an email while still capturing all essential metadata, including any attachments.

Objective offers Automated Email Capture (AEC) which enables you to map any security classifications that are sent as part of the email correspondence. Administrators can map an email address directly to Objective ECM, capturing emails to that address automatically without user intervention.

An application doesn’t have integration available – No Problem!

Objective also offers connectors for Power Automate designed for those Microsoft 365 applications that we don’t have specific integrations with. Develop your own integrations with over 30 actions that allow you to capture content and context from other Microsoft 365 applications or other applications that have Power Automate connectors.

Whether creating documents, folders, or files, updating metadata, or even using Objective ECM workflow capability, Objective already has customers seamlessly capturing content from CRM dynamics and Dropbox using these connectors.

Capture the context in records

We know that with the rise of Microsoft Teams, every day, new teams are created. Every hour, different files are shared. Every minute, decisions are made.

Without proper governance of this content, all your intellectual property is either siloed or possibly lost over the course of time. That’s where Objective GOV365 ensures that all files uploaded, emails shared, recorded team meetings and their associated metadata are all preserved as a record. The context in which information was created or shared is securely captured ensuring the information is available after the team is finalised and no longer exists in the Microsoft 365 environment.

To summarise

Whether specific integrations are built for Microsoft 365 applications or Power Automate, Objective ensures that you can get the most out of your Microsoft 365 tenancy while we cover your governance requirements.End users are able to access Objective aggregated content and easily surface it in their application of choice.

To learn more, watch the detailed video above and download the Better Together: Objective and Microsoft 365 insight paper