When two companies align, and their journeys intertwine

Learn about the extraordinary parallels Objective and Itree share, and how they can be better together

Itree, an award-winning government RegTech solution specialist, has become the most recent member of the Objective family. Itree’s Wollongong campus will become Objective’s fourth world class software development centre, joining North Sydney, Reading in the UK and the new Building Solutions Centre of Excellence in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

“The team has been really excited to learn about the journey of Objective and how these outstanding products have been crafted over many years. There is such a great alignment, the journeys are intertwined, and the potential to fuel even great scale for exceptional community outcomes is remarkable,” commented Itree’s CEO Ben Hobby.

Why Itree?

“Objective and Itree share extraordinary parallels. Both companies were born in Wollongong, Australia. Both companies are deeply focused on delivering outstanding community outcomes through serving the needs of public sector organisations. Both companies shun offshore and outsourced development, preferring to directly employ local world class engineers in their own development campuses,” Tony Walls, Objective CEO said.

We see a great product and a great team of people that are really passionate about what they do, and we address the same marketplace. Great community outcomes is something we share a passion for.

Tony Walls

CEO, Objective

Why Objective?

“Our people are closely aligned with shared values, thought processes, the outcomes we are trying to accomplish, and growth. What has really resonated is the mantra that Objective have around #outstanding. People that are loyal and dedicated at Itree, have always aimed for excellence - to genuinely achieve exceptional outcomes for government organisations, because that translates to driving ultimate community outcomes, such as safety for our society. This attitude being ingrained into the DNA of people is something that you can’t magically create overnight. Both companies have that magic already and I think that’s part of the excitement for what we can achieve together,” remarked Ben Hobby.

This attitude being ingrained into the DNA of people is something that you can’t magically create overnight. Both companies have that magic already and I think that’s part of the excitement for what we can achieve together.

Ben Hobby

CEO, Itree

How are the two better together?

“You see the natural synergy between what RegWorks does, in particular the governance side. And it’s not just governance around information, increasingly governance around the process. Itree is all about the governance of the process and as a by-product, governance around the information. I think equally with Reach, both companies have been trying to solve a very important problem and coming at it from different directions. I look at how Reach is trying to solve problems for children at risk, communities at risk and individuals at risk. Objective is trying to share information to solve that same problem and we have a lot of use cases doing just that, particularly in the UK. When I look at Objective Connect and Reach coming together, I think it’s a solution without any global parallel ” Tony Walls said.

The Itree solutions fit perfectly with Objective’s industry solutions strategy and will be integrated with Objective’s Content Solutions suite. Both Reach and Objective Connect are being used to support children at risk initiatives globally. Reach uses sophisticated data matching algorithms on sensitive data provided by disparate agencies and Connect provides a highly secure way of exchanging more detailed case information.

“I am excited to witness Itree customers and employees joining the Objective family - two Australian technology success stories that have long term customer success baked into their culture,” commented Ben Hobby.

All Itree employees, including current CEO, Ben Hobby, have been warmly welcomed at Objective and Itree employees remain dedicated to helping government agencies and departments to productively carry out the essential work of delivering safety, regulation, compliance and enforcement outcomes that make our communities safer places to live.

See what Itree’s team has to say about becoming part of the Objective family. Watch the video: