What's new: Objective RegWorks V5S

From a new integration with Objective ECM to flexible online payments with Spreedly, discover new updates in Objective RegWorks.

Objective RegWorks now integrates “out of the box” with Objective ECM.

ECM Integration provides a seamless user experience and eliminates double-handling when managing documents or other files in Objective RegWorks and Objective ECM.

When working in Objective RegWorks, documents can be dynamically generated from Microsoft Word templates and automatically stored in Objective ECM at the desired point in the workflow. Business rules will apply the appropriate permissions, metadata and folder structure aligned to your Objective ECM configuration. Conversely, documents can be linked to applicable Objective RegWorks records from Objective ECM and automatically kept in sync.

Objective ECM empowers users with the collaboration tools of Microsoft 365 and now Objective RegWorks customers can enjoy this benefit too. Co-authoring documents avoids having to take turns reviewing and sharing various versions of the documents over email. Users can now access the document from the associated record in Objective RegWorks to open the Objective ECM link and edit collaboratively in Microsoft 365.

Flexible payment options for Objective RegWorks

Objective RegWorks now offers flexible payment options via our Customer Portal. This enables a cost-effective simple solution for online processing payments with support for over 200 payment providers worldwide.

Objective RegWorks leverages the flexibility of Spreedly, a payment orchestration solution that provides a simple way to make payments, and back-end users can view and monitor payment statuses and configure the payment workflow.

Coming soon – resource appointment scheduling

Objective RegWorks soon will integrate with Microsoft Outlook and offer the flexibility to support other calendar options such as Google Calendar or other appointment scheduling solutions.

Customers have a growing need to book staff for specific activities (for example book a site visit or an inspection). This means understanding who is available to do the work with the right expertise. Using this feature, the person booking will see the availability of a resource in the context of their work outside of the system based on their calendar. The attendee or inspector will have visibility into bookings they’ve got using the tools they use everyday.

The resource appointment scheduling feature makes it easy:

  • To view staff members availability and book appointments
  • For managers to view their staff’s workloads
  • For staff to view and be notified of appointments assigned to them

If this is something of interest to you, please have a chat with with your Account Manager – we really value your input!

We’re looking forward to building this feature and delighting customers with reduced administration and increased productivity.