What's new: Objective RegWorks V5S

From better reporting with timeline tracking to powerful intelligence through visualisation, discover new updates in Objective RegWorks

Objective RegWorks has seen a few exciting changes over the past few months. Here are just a few of our recent feature updates:

Better reporting with timeline tracking & date calculations

Timeline tracking and date calculation enables greater transparency in reporting and compliance by enabling your team to track the progress of their tasks through their workflow within a particular time frame to ensure they’re meeting and exceeding performance benchmarks. 

This feature enables better visibility on where tasks are up to, it can help identify bottlenecks, deliver clear reporting and ensure tasks are completed within a certain timeframe for example legislative mandates. See how long it takes from the creation of a task to the final decision, how long an individual spends on a task until handover, and track through the various stages towards the due date. 

Notifications provide alerts when a task remains in a stage beyond a defined period and requires escalation. Due dates are automatically calculated from ‘now,’ adding the days and hours allowed, for example the due date is ‘now’ + 60 days.

Identify records at a glance with a primary image

Visually identify records based on an uploaded primary image that may be a photo of a person, vehicle, vessel, identifying photo of an incident, a company logo, or any other image. We know a picture is worth a thousand words, and this feature will help inspectors in the field quickly and accurately perform their tasks. For example, display photos of suspects from CCTV footage, venues with permits, vessels that need follow-up inspections, or graffiti tags to more easily identify instances of repeat offenders.

Powerful intelligence through visualisation of associations

When looking at a specific individual or organisation it can be difficult to find out how these are linked to other records. This powerful new visual association map feature enables users to take a ‘zoomed out’ approach and see not only the individual record but also how it is interconnected with other records. 

For example, when approving a person to hold a licence, Objective RegWorks can support the decision by displaying a visual representation of their associations to others, organisations they are involved with, their compliance history, vehicles they own and any other licences they hold.

Visual associations provide insight that may otherwise be difficult to identify, such as the person being involved with an organisation that has a history of offenders or living at the same address as a known offender. 

With colour coding and flexible filters this visual representation can save time searching and highlight intelligence on connections and implications users may not have otherwise been aware of. It's an exciting new feature designed to be extremely useful in investigations. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Configure email templates as needed

It is now possible for email templates to be created, edited and sent using Objective RegWorks self-configuration! Send consistent emails efficiently based on carefully curated email templates to internal and external stakeholders. This latest extension to the self-configuration capability means you can use Objective RegWorks to quickly adapt to legislation and business process changes. All emails can be sent and captured through Objective RegWorks without requiring enhancements, delivering 'no code' workflows, business rules and automations that are easy to update, putting the control in your hands.

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