Next week Objective will be a Platinum sponsor of RIMPA Live. This event has established itself as the premier convention for records managers and information professionals since 1984. After a few years online, it will be great to be back in person with over 300 like-minded colleagues and friends.

Panel Discussion - "Information Revolution and Modern Working"

This year I am looking forward to hosting a panel discussion titled: "Information Revolution and Modern Working". Joining me on stage will be experts from our field:

  • Katharine Stuart, Senior Director of Information from ACT Government
  • Monica Waters, Director - Enterprise Records Management at the Australian Department of Defence
  • David Horne, CIO from Commonwealth Ombudsman

Trending Topics

We will discuss how agencies have had to rethink how they work, now and into the future. The challenges of balancing the 'new-normal' way of working with the governance required for compliance.

We will also explore the role new technology plays in supporting collaboration and efficiency. But on the flipside, managing the twofold challenge of 1) the complex IT environment and 2) the ever-growing volumes of information.

RIMPA Live is on from the 14th to the 17th of June, at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Learn More.

The panel discussion is on the second day - on Wednesday 15th of June 2:20 pm in the Federation Ballroom.