Your how-to guide on working faster (and smarter) in Objective Trapeze.

Ready to kickstart 2024 by levelling up your Objective Trapeze skills? We've got you covered! Here's our top five tips to unlocking faster, smarter ways of working.

  1. Start small with our short tutorial videos

    Our tutorial videos provide a concise and user-friendly introduction to our key functionality, allowing you to quickly grasp the basics. Whether you're a newcomer or looking for a refresher, these videos offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring you build a solid foundation for more advanced skills. Check them out by clicking here!

  2. Share knowledge with your team for collaborative success

    Bring the team together by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing. Encourage your team members to exchange insights, shortcuts and tips. It can be as simple as dropping your colleagues a quick email or letting your nearby deskmates know a handy trick you discovered!

  3. Become an expert with our Masterclass webinars

    Take your skills to the next level by watching our Masterclass webinars! Hosted by our expert Customer Success team, these sessions are roughly 45 minutes long and delve into a range of helpful topics. We even have a Tips & Tricks webinar, which is perfect for users who already know the basics and want to learn clever time-saving shortcuts.

  4. Get tailored, training with our Objective Trapeze Educator

    For a personalised learning journey, consider booking a training session with our dedicated Objective Trapeze educator. Whether you're a beginner seeking a guided introduction or an experienced user aiming for mastery, personalised training can get you up to speed more effectively than our general resources. If you're interested in organising this for yourself or your team, send us a message.

  5. Reach out to us - we're here to help!

    Don't let challenges become roadblocks — our Support team and Customer Success Team are here to help. Whether you encounter a head-scratching issue or simply need some guidance, our global team are just a message or call away. You can contact Support via this email, or feel free to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager directly.