Objective endorsed as an empowering workplace for women

In an era marked by the rapid advancement of technology, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are essential values that drive innovation, creativity and growth.

Today we are thrilled to share that we been recognised by Work180 as an Endorsed Employer for Women. When only half of the companies that apply to Work180 receive this endorsement, we’re extremely proud that Objective has achieved it.

Being endorsed by Work180 underscores our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, where every individual, regardless of gender can thrive.

At Objective, while we are early in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey, it is founded on a core belief that has been fundamental to our culture since we began, way back in the 1980’s. We know that diversity in thought, experiences and perspectives are a catalyst for innovation and success.

Key Principles of our DEI Strategy

To create an equitable work environment, we have articulated and embraced several key principles:

  • Equal opportunity for all - in growth, advancement and recognition
  • Mentorship for women - with the introduction of a coaching and leadership program for women
  • Family friendly policies - to recognise the importance of work-life balance. Our family friendly policies support both women and men in their careers while allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities at home
  • Gender Pay Equity – taking measures and working towards closing the gender pay gap

What does it mean to be recognised by Work180? 

For us, being recognised as an endorsed employer for women means:

  • Attracting top talent – women looking for supportive and inclusive workplaces are more likely to consider Objective as their employer of choice
  • Fostering innovation – a diverse workforce brings fresh perspectives and new ideas that drive innovation and business growth
  • Empowering our employees – our existing female employees can be confident knowing that we are committed to their success

This is only the beginning of our journey however together we are shaping a brighter more inclusive future for the tech industry and society as a whole.

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