Just Released: Manage external web links just like any other asset

Give users the ability to create external links as assets in Workspaces.

We understand that documents aren't the only assets users need to work with. Sometimes there's supporting information on external websites that contribute to a project or process. Objective Connect's all-new External Link Asset capability enables Workspace Owners and Managers to include URLs as assets in a Workspace, making the Workspace a central control centre to manage all types of content for a process or project.

Administrators can enable the feature by selecting which Workgroups can access the capability, ensuring control is maintained.

Organisations working with content such as client forms, reference materials, public policy, terms or legal references – any public facing content that is hosted outside the Workspace but still part of the collaboration event, can be referenced in Objective Connect.

All participants can access the external information at the click of a button from the asset list within Workspace. Providing them with a holistic view of the information that contributes to their project.

In line with Objective's commitment to security, only Workspace Owners and Managers can create external link objects in the Workspace. This ensures the Workspace Owner maintains control over the external links that are added, mitigating the risk of malicious URLs being uploaded. External Link Assets have the same traceability as other Workspace objects and all actions such as Create, Preview, Edit and Delete are auditable. 


    • Reduce time spent searching for external links
    • Easy, controlled access to relevant content external to Workspace
    • Single view of all Workspace content or assets
    • Workspaces become the central point of collaboration

    Feature Considerations

      • Creation of External Link Assets requires an Administrator to enable this feature per Workgroup
      • Only Workspace Owners and Managers can create External Link Assets
      • The external link must begin with either Http or Https
      • There is no preview page for external links
      • In mobile app, external links will open with an external navigation warning
      • External links that are created from the Workspace will not sync across Connect Link into Objective ECM or Micro Focus Content Manager

      Get Started

      • Find instructions in the Objective Connect help centre.

      If you have any questions about this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.