Integrating Objective ECM with line of business applications

Improve governance and save time with modern integration strategies for line of business applications

People working in modern businesses use multiple line of business (LOB) applications every day, and the ability to reference information from one system within another is a standard business requirement. We call this “seamless integration” and it provides staff with the ability to easily switch from one task to the next with little time wasted searching and locating relevant information.

For example, a planning officer working in ECM to review a development application would want to confirm property information from their register application without leaving his first document. Opening two applications and manually comparing and confirming information takes valuable time and isn’t traceable.

One of the strengths of Objective ECM is its ability to integrate with different LOB applications and automatically maintain and track all links. Infor Pathway is a LOB application used by many Objective customers. In striving to reduce keystrokes, improve user satisfaction and create #OUTSTANDING software, our product management and engineering teams created a seamless integration between the two applications. When leveraging the Objective ECM’s Browser experience (we call it IQ), the team wanted to ensure Infor Pathway integration was transparent and did not require any context or application switching. Fewer keystrokes, equals higher productivity and leads to increased user satisfaction.

Creating bespoke integration, however, is not enough. Objective engineering teams have created a flexible integration platform to seamlessly integrate application to application data search and retrieval, while also providing a flexible user interface for surfacing even complex data. The platform may be easily extended to many other applications and is fully supported for performance.

Integration makes it easy to work in a single application

Staff can seamlessly link Infor Pathway’s property information, name and address registration, animal registrations and customer request, for example, to documents in Objective using IQ for maintaining a link between the document and the information source. The link ensures great governance. By leveraging the modern web-services based integration organisations eliminate the need for users to install the Infor Pathway desktop application, thereby reducing IT deployment costs, enabling a mobile working and increasing overall utility.

Dynamic Web User Interface for linking Infor Pathway Data.

Objective ECM and the new integration platform being used with Infor Pathway provides an intuitive view of Infor Pathway’s data directly linked to data within Objective ECM. The integration capability removes the need for staff to application “hop”, have multiple applications open at the same time, and makes the relationship between information contained in disparate systems easily accessible and governed. Objective has streamlined the user experience with Objective IQ - you are able to add and remove application modules easily and see relationships among multiple entities at a glance.

Searching within Infor Pathway

The Objective ECM integration supports multiple Infor Pathway search modules such as Name Enquiry, Finding customer name, Property parcel search, Address search, Finding licenses, applications and animals.

Users can access all the information related to a document from IQ

Staff can navigate to Pathway’s content from within the Objective IQ Browser experience. Objective ECM IQ supports both Pathway’s Thick and Smart clients for navigation. And to make things easier, if your organisation has deployed the web version of Pathway, your staff do not require any desktop applications to be installed and work seamlessly from their desktop, laptop or mobile.

Seamless Integration and Navigation

Expanding integration options

The new Objective Integration Platform, which enables the Objective ECM/Infor Pathway integration provides the building blocks to extend additional integration capabilities to the browser. Objective Product Management and Engineering teams are actively working on expanding our integration portfolio and creating many more #OUTSTANDING experiences for our customers.