Providing safe, clean water to communities across Southeast Queensland

The mission of Unitywater is to provide clean water to communities of Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions of Southeast Queensland through a network of water main pipes and sewerage pipes which span thousands of kilometres. However, managing the sharing and collating of massive amounts of data or documents related to water utility management can be a challenge.

Before Objective Connect, an IRAP assessed file sharing and collaboration solution, Unitywater relied on traditional sharing methods such as downloading information onto a USB or using email, both of which consumed a lot of time, lacked auditability and were prone to errors, such as accessing inaccurate or outdated information. 

Tackling risks with seamless integration into existing systems

Since implementing Objective Connect, Unitywater was empowered to overcome the barriers associated with physical or standard sharing methods. With the ability to manage any document, particularly large number of documents, Objective Connect provided a modern, fit-for-purpose solution to share and gather information. Unitywater was able to remove the burden of past file sharing solutions, delivering significant time savings and peace of mind for the organisation.

We are no longer are kept up at night by the thought of information getting into the wrong hands or decision making not being made on the latest, reliable, accurate information.

Leanda Davis

Senior Information Management Officer at Unitywater

One critical component of Objective Connect that set it apart from USB or email sharing was the ability to seamlessly integrate with Unitywater’s Enterprise Content Management system, Objective ECM. This meant any external stakeholders can upload information into Objective Connect and the information can automatically be surfaced into Objective ECM – maintain a single source of truth with ease. This removed the hassle and security risks associated with adding, downloading, and re-uploading documents.

With Objective Connect, a subscription is not based on licences or storage, which removes any limitations on the number of collaboration participants or files. Administrators find it easy to manage the system, ensuring that Unitywater can seamlessly share information with external parties regardless of quantity.

Large number of documents, no problem.

A typical Objective Connect workspace for Unitywater would have between 100 to 200 documents from an external party. If the external party had the permissions to add documents, all that was required was a simple upload, and they could quickly access or drop in information in seconds with minimal training overhead. This capability enabled Unitywater to manage large volumes of data and documents more efficiently and effectively. The transformational impact of Objective Connect on Unitywater's water utility management is immense. Objective Connect eliminated the hassle of managing large amounts of data and documents while ensuring data accuracy and security.

"Objective Connect at Unitywater isn't going away - we'd be lost without it" concludes Leanda.

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