Streamline updates to email addresses within Objective Connect

You asked, we delivered.

Calling all Objective Connect admins! We are excited to announce the latest product enhancement, Email Address Management, is now live and available for your organisation. 

What exactly does this update do?

Do you have a user whose name has changed? What about an upcoming Machinery of Government (MoG) change? You can now update either a single user’s email address or run a batch update of email addresses across your organisation with just a few clicks. All original Workspaces are maintained – never lost or duplicated, regardless of whether you are using Connect Link.

A minor consideration regarding your organisation's Workgroup domain.

Before you get started, you may have to register or update your Workgroup domain. 

To update or register your domain, follow these steps:

  • Step one - navigate to "Update Members" button within Workgroup admin space
  • Step two -  click on the link to raise a request with the Objective team

Once you submit your request, the Objective team will be notified and can action your request. 

How do I get started?

We have created two short videos that walk you through two main scenarios: (1) updating a single member's email address and (2) bulk updates to multiple email addresses. 

You can watch the videos below. If you have any questions about the updates or registering your domain, reach out to the Objective Connect team.  

How to update a single email address:

How to bulk update multiple email addresses: