3 reasons why every Planning and Building team should use digital measuring tools

More than 500 local authorities across the world use Objective Trapeze’s digital measuring tools to review and assess plans.

There are quicker, smarter and more accurate ways for Planning and Building teams to work. Below are the most common challenges that come with the job – which can all be solved with Objective Trapeze.

1. Assessing plans without the right tools is a headache.

It’s time to put away your notepad and calculator. With Objective Trapeze, Planning and Building teams can perform complex measurements and calculations in seconds.

Most standard scales are readily available to select, making it easy to apply different scales to multiple plans on a single page. Or calibrate the scale based on a known line length or a scale bar, ensuring complete accuracy.

Measure lines, areas and volume using Objective Trapeze’s built-in calculator. Building height, distances, floor areas, angles and cubic volume of roof extensions or entire buildings, all the tools you need to accurately assess plans are accessible from just one application.

2. Spotting differences between plans is time-consuming.

You don’t need to spend hours scrutinising detailed drawings on your monitor. With Objective Trapeze, you can compare plans in a matter of seconds, removing the risk of approving unassessed changes in an instant.

By using pixel-by-pixel analysis, our document comparison tool automatically highlights any areas that have been changed, great when reviewing amendments. Pages can also be superimposed and displayed in different colours to quickly spot differences between existing and proposed plans.

In fact, we challenged hundreds of planning professionals to identify all differences between two plans with their own eyes. The result: only 5% found at least half of the differences in the allocated timeframe. And of course, Objective Trapeze identified 100% of the changes in seconds.

3. Providing context and information should be simple.

Communicate effectively and concisely with Objective Trapeze's annotation, redaction and PDF manipulation tools. Need to flag an area of concern on the plans you're assessing? Easily mark up your documents with our range of annotation tools. Instantly draw attention with customisable visual cues, including arrows, clouds, text boxes, sticky notes, images, stamps and more.

Want to remove sensitive information? Access a range of redaction tools to remove sensitive content of any shape quickly and easily. 

Objective Trapeze also houses all of your PDF manipulation requirements. With capability such as combining and splitting PDFs, adding, reordering, rotating and appending pages, and creating new pages using an extract from another page, you can use just one application to work with your PDFs.

Looking for even more reasons to get Objective Trapeze? Click here to watch our full video on why you should use Objective Trapeze.