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Automated redaction software

Permanently black out text in any type of document.

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Don’t hope you got it right. Know you did.

Know that you’ve redacted every single word, phrase or number.

It’s an awful feeling when, after manually redacting a document, you can’t help but wonder if you’ve got every word. Yes, “find and replace” works, but only to a certain point. Hidden metadata may still be lurking in your document.

Protect yourself and your organisation from accidental disclosure. Objective Redact is smart, automated redaction software that makes redaction much faster, internal review much easier, and keeps your most sensitive information safe.


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Time-saving tools to redact single or multiple documents.

Redact groups of documents

Save time with Default Folders. Specify an input and an output folder and redact a group of documents efficiently.

Redact all file types

Redact directly from your authoring application; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as other formats such as email, PDF and more.

Remove all hidden information

Permanently remove all text content marked for redaction, including hidden metadata such as authors, creation dates and other attributes that can be stored in a file.

Review & Report

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Review & Report

Make an impact on your internal processes with review and reporting features.

Send for review before redaction

Circulate a working copy for review amongst your team. When approved, finalise the redaction.

The original file is never modified

Objective Redact always creates a working copy, so the original is unchanged. It also generates a final redacted copy and an optional audit copy.

Easy compliance reporting

Built-in governance to produce reports at the touch of a button – what was redacted, types of information, number of instances or pages and the exemptions codes used.

See return on your investment in three months

Typical value our customers see within a short time-frame.

Img redact 31pc reduced turnaround requests
Img redact 84pc improved efficiency
Img redact 52pc reduction disclosure time
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More efficient redaction with automation

With built-in governance so you have a record of everything.

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Select your folder system or open directly from the authoring application.

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Sit back as our accurate OCR engine automatically finds and redacts for you.

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Target search terms to be marked for redaction.

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Review, add or change redactions if necessary.

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Export as PDF or TIFF, leaving the original file untouched.

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Release knowing all redacted information is completely removed.

Features you'll love

Streamline your redaction processes with features built for speed and accuracy.

Icon redact exemption codes

Exemption codes

Apply exemption codes for global Privacy, FOI Acts and more in one click. Create custom codes to suit your business policies.

Icon redact character recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Combined OCR and automation lets you search for any word, number or phrase on any file type.

Icon redact bracketed redaction

Bracketed Text Redaction

Remove text contained in round, square, or curly brackets instantly and with 100% accuracy.

Icon redact permanent redaction

Redaction, not just ‘masking’

Permanently remove all text and hidden data such as authors, creation dates and metadata.

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Extra redaction tools

Use the Rectangle for areas, Scribble for freehand redaction and Stamps for customised approvals.

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Output Formats

Output your final redacted document to PDF, TIFF or secure working file. Save your favourite options for next time.

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Save time with templates

Great for structured forms where data is in a fixed position, e.g. order numbers, names and addresses.

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Add context to redacted information by inserting notes that explain why information has been removed.

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Use Cases

Redaction is critical in protecting private or sensitive information when distributing documents. Learn more about the role it plays in meeting the requirements of both proactive or reactive disclosure.

Further Reading

Discover more about Objective Redact and the privacy processes it supports.

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Product Brief

Objective Redact

Irreversibly block out selected information from any electronic document with this fast, simple redaction tool.

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Executive Brief

Delivering on GDPR

Extend your existing platform to provide efficiency, transparency and accountability in the age of GDPR.

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White Paper

Achieving open and transparent government

Delivering on the social and economic benefits of open government requires internal digital transformation.

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Tutoiral Videos

Learn how to use Objective Redact

Get up and running with Objective Redact in no time with our short, engaging tutorial videos.

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Automated redact software

Permanently black out text in any type of document.

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