Manawa Tech

Connecting the Palmerston North tech community

Objective is proud to be a member of Manawa Tech and hosts various meetups to inspire innovation across Palmerston North

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Objective supports organisations who recognise the value in coming together as a community to share innovative ideas

Manawa Tech is an industry led non-profit organisation working towards a thriving local technology hub and one of their initiatives is encouraging tech meetups within the community. Objective has been supporting this vision by hosting meetups at the Palmerston North Development Centre.

An energised local tech ecosystem

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An energised local tech ecosystem

As Palmerston North is quickly becoming a new technology hub, Manawa Tech is striving to connect and grow the tech community.

Connect people

Manawa Tech helps to promote and coordinate the tech system in the Palmerston North region. The organisation communicates local and national opportunities and networks with other tech groups across other regions.

Grow local talent

As senior developers and people skilled in tech are in high demand in the region, Manawa Tech helps to attract talent, as well as promotes networking, mentoring and training opportunities.

Celebrate success

Manawa Tech shares the story of Palmerston North as a tech hub with published articles highlighting local success stories and innovations. They also share the story at national events and encourage bigger brands to come to the region.

Support the future

Manawa Tech supports the startup ecosystem in finding tech co-founders. The organisation also coordinates with schools to arrange internships, summer projects, mentorships, and other opportunities.

Connect with Meetups

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Connect with Meetups

Manawa tech facilitates networking and further learning

The organisation aims to increase engagement of local tech companies and staff with each other through Meetups and other special events. Objective hosts many of the meetups and events at the Palmerston North Development Centre.

Some of the meetups have hosted organisations such as AWS, Microsoft, and FMG. The benefits of attending meetups and learning from other developers can’t be underestimated. Meetups provide many benefits including staying on top of the latest industry insights, achieving professional feedback and advice on pain points, networking and supporting local organisations and tech talent.

Find a list of upcoming meetups here.

It is fantastic to see a vibrant software development community in Palmerston North supporting the regular software meetups attracting outstanding local speakers and the interest of global organisations. Objective is thrilled to be able to provide the venue (and a few pizzas) to help facilitate its ongoing success.

Jeremy Dombroski

Development Manager at Objective

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