Objective New Release Webinar

Catch up on the latest releases from Content & Process Solutions

We explore:

  • ECM and Nexus: Disposal Approval Workflow and Auto Generate IQ fields.
  • Gov365: Team creation request notification and Self-service Admin Management
  • Connect: Workgroup Customisation and File download update
  • 3Sixty: AI-powered clustering, eDiscovery and Migration

During the webinar, you'll hear from our product managers as they explain and demonstrate all our recently released new features and updates. You'll see firsthand how our products have evolved to meet your information governance needs while improving your experience.

Featured Speakers:

Antony Bauer

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Pratikshya Kuinkel

Strategic Product Manager

Tracy Harding

Technical Product Manager

David Johnstone

VP - Objective Connect

Cameron Thornton

Customer Success Manager