Workflow for Modern Agencies

Introducing Objective ECM 11, enhancing your workflow experience.

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Objective ECM 11 is here, delivering Modern Information Management.

Discover Objective ECM 11 with Tracy Harding, Technical Product Manager at Objective as she takes you through the latest upgrades. From simpler Workflow to new Dynamic Form features, see how Objective ECM 11 provides best-in-class process and automation for modern agencies all using outstanding user experience.

Greater Control. Better Visibility.

Stay informed across your business processes.

Objective ECM 11 delivers Task Manager. An all-new user experience delivering everything you need to manage your mission-critical workflows in one location.

Access anywhere. Using the latest browser-based IQ User Experience with responsive design means that Task Manager will function equally on your desktop and your tablet.

Focus on what’s important. With innovative filtering and saved search capabilities, Task Manager offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to focussing on the critical tasks that need to be completed.

Get the entire picture. Complete task detail in just a few clicks by personalising your view, adding columns to show relevant metadata and resorting columns.

Work in bulk: Task Manager delivers the ability to rapidly select multiple tasks and take quick actions such as lock, unlock, suspend and resume.

Digital forms just got easier.

Simplified Dynamic Forms.

Objective ECM 11 includes Dynamic Forms, allowing your organisation to take a more agile approach to automating processes. The forms used within all your ECM Workflows are now smarter, faster to adapt to and ultimately easier for your team to complete.

Drag and drop. Developed with the latest browser-based IQ User Experience, reorder the steps in a form using drag and drop.

Logically group and create a path. Arrange information collected in a form into sections to simplify the navigation. Sections can be paired with conditional formatting, allowing personalised user path based on the information entered.

Automatic Validation. Powered with business logic into the form, provide on-screen guidance to end-user allowing simpler form creation and reducing complexity in Workflow maps.

Preview on the fly. Preview your work at any time with a single-click.

Modern view of information.

Objective IQ experience delivers a beautiful way for your users to engage with Objective ECM 11.

Access Objective ECM via a browser on any device, with an all-new and beautiful user experience called IQ. With Objective ECM 11, IQ User Experience evolves at a whole new level.

Co-Author Documents with Microsoft 365. Update document simultaneously with your team members aligned with file plan permissions and detailed history stored within audit history.

Search and Query. Enjoy the full power of search using on-screen filters or the query function.

Discover simpler and intuitive search narrowing your search for file plan or in context of a specific folder.

Complete Visibility. Check document status at glance with metadata visible in list view or document preview, versions and audit history.

IQ Renditions: Renditions automates the creation of a ‘permanent’ version – in a non-editable PDF format. When coupled with a Workflow, document renditions can be instantly routed to team members or external parties with Objective Connect. For many organisations, this is the final piece of the puzzle – offering their users every feature they need in IQ to complete their day-to-day work.


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