Mitigating health and safety risks to industry personnel with sound information governance

The consequence of mismanaging information has far reaching consequences to the health and safety of personnel in the Offshore Petroleum Industry.

The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) was established to administer offshore petroleum safety legislation.

As an integral part of this role, they rely on an information management solution to facilitate core regulatory systems and support business processes.

NOPSEMA was established to provide a modern ‘duty of care' health and safety regime that would reduce the risk of disasters occurring. Information, together with consistently executing regulatory and administrative processes, is critical to the effective performance of NOPSEMA. The consequences of mismanaging information and processes could significantly impact the health and safety of people working within the industry.

Objective ECM is critical to NOPSEMA's effective operation.

Objective improves the reliability of our business processes while simultaneously helping to reduce risk within the industry.

John Townsend

Chief Information Officer, NOPSEMA