Retrospective governance

Easily configure and govern multiple existing Microsoft Teams.

With this release, we are introducing an enhancement to retrospective governance capabilities for Microsoft Teams as well as a new administrative portal.

Retrospective Governance enhancements

We have enhanced how to govern existing teams. Select one or more teams that you want to govern with Objective Gov365 (you no longer need to visit individual teams to set up the governance).

View all the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint sites being governed with Objective 365. Conduct bulk actions on these governed objects - such as finalising multiple teams and SharePoint sites or updating the archiving schedule.

Administrative Portal

The administrative portal provides a safe and secure environment where Objective Gov365 can be set up and configured through an intuitive interface. The portal provides the following benefits:

  • Securely enter sensitive information like password
  • Can control who is responsible for managing the system
  • Full visibility of how Objective Gov365 is set up
  • Control Teams and SharePoint preferences
  • Manage Team templates using Objective ECM or Objective Nexus

Learn more

Customers using the cloud version (SaaS) of Objective Gov365 already have this capability, view the Release Notes via the button below.

For other implementations of Objective Gov365, get in touch with us using the form to the right to discuss upgrading to the latest version.