Introducing the Objective Learning Hub

Objective's Learning Hub enables staff from all levels to access eLearning modules, resources and track progress-providing better visibility of implementation.

How the Learning Hub can work with your organisation:

  • Minimises the logistical and operational burden of training through different stages of roll-out.
  • Equips users with the knowledge and skill-sets to perform required tasks.
  • Enhances managerial oversight of staff members' progress throughout the adoption phase.
  • Delivers eLearning exercises in a simulated, real-time, environment allowing users to receive feedback and improve on their adoption score.

The Learning Hub provides:

  • eLearning Modules, resources and means to schedule sessions
  • Reporting on learners' progress and results
  • Introductory information illustrated by narrated animations
  • Step-by-step instructions on Objective's software usage
  • 'Show me how' video tutorials and 'Let me try' practice exercises
  • Results based scoring system that enables users to repeat exercises until skills are attained.

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