Enabling Working From Home and Emergency Planning with Objective Connect


On-Demand Webinar

From Federal through to Local Government, and across our regulated industry customers, Objective Connect is playing a pivotal role in allowing organisations to be agile and respond as the crisis unfolds.

This on-demand webinar will cover:

  • Emergency Planning: Through the use of the all-new Objective Connect for Mobile app, key team members can have the latest Emergency Plans in the palm of their hand. From within the app, you rapidly add a growing number of employees who can access the plans. The ‘broadcast comments’ features have also meant that a workspace can also become a secure communication hub.
  • Working From Home: Not every team member has a laptop, let alone VPN access from home. The use of Secure Online Edit, plus the ability to edit but not download, can enable your team members to work from home - on any machine.

Learn more on how Objective Connect can support your emergency planning initiatives by checking out Chris Britton's blog post.