Tendering and procurement - manage every third-party service provider

Implement a single source of truth – an online workspace to manage every third-party service provider.

The Problem

Tendering can be a costly and time-consuming process. Without a way to securely implement an efficient and transparent process to share information through all stages of an Open or Limited tender, government organisations could face a range of consequences. These include financial penalties, delays in implementing decisions, loss of public confidence and reputational damage as a fair business partner.

The Solution

Objective Connect enables secure collaboration and ongoing coordination between government and tenderers from any stage of the tendering process – from RFT issues, tender retrieval, assessment to acceptance of offer. It enables organisations to have proper management over the shared information by providing visibility and transparency across the entire collaboration process, ensuring a fair tender response.

Objective Connect has improved collaboration between suppliers and council with two-way visibility of submissions, updates and response.

Dianne Collis

Team Leader Information Management, City of West Torrens