Objective Connect for Child-Safeguarding

Instant sharing of information with approved health care, social welfare, housing officers, police or other relevant agencies when a child is at risk.

The Problem

Some authorities are currently using generic methods of sharing information on children who are missing or are at risk of being harmed. These ineffective methods are not fit-for-purpose and create bottlenecks when immediate action is required, slowing response time for critical services.

The Solution

Objective Connect enables secure collaboration and ongoing coordination between all stakeholders on information regarding safeguarding children. It provides the level of security, visibility and accountability needed to share relevant information so that specialist services can respond quickly and activate action plans from data received in real time.

We use Objective Connect as a regular method of transferring information securely and safely to the police when young people go missing. It’s quick, smart and ensures relevant professionals can respond quickly.

Rob Hamer

Service Manager - Children’s Services Middlesbrough Council