Solution brief transforming product disclosure

Transforming Product Disclosure

Improve efficiency and deliver governance to the process of authoring, verifying and publishing disclosure documents.

Operationalise PDS production

Reduce time spent drafting, reviewing and producing large volumes of PDS through collaborative authoring, workflow controls and robust verification controls.

Efficiency combined with robust governance

A high proportion of PDS content is common across multiple investment options, however, existing authoring practices often result in an ongoing challenge in maintaining focus and consistent content. Objective Keystone enables you to centrally define and manage this common content freeing up key resources to focus on the management of variable content and the associated verification processes.

Approval processes are often circuitous, involving the management and collaboration of numerous parties with conflicting requirements. Defining the ownership of document content, combined with robust workflow management drives efficiencies in the authoring, verification and sign-off disclosure documentation.

Maintaining verification documentation is onerous and poses a business risk over the longer term without robust governance. Objective Keystone verification feature enables the automation of the verification process with archiving of supporting documentation enabling external parties to remotely verify content and archive supporting documentation.

Why this solution?

Objective Keystone has been designed to support the needs of Financial Services Organisations in the authoring, collaborative approval and verification of high volumes of disclosure documents with the goal of driving business efficiencies through robust governance practices.