Wiltshire Council adopts advanced technology to optimise their processes

Wiltshire Council, a significant unitary authority in the UK, spans a diverse landscape from Stonehenge to the New Forest National Park. Their vision centres on delivering exceptional planning services, and leveraging digital technology for effective communication and community engagement. 

Objective Keyplan plays a pivotal role, offering efficient document production and accessibility, enhancing stakeholder involvement in digital formats. By utilising Objective Keyplan, the Council significantly reduced processing time, saving approximately nine months during Regulation Nineteen consultations. This streamlined approach not only benefits internal operations but also enhances the user experience, making consultations more straightforward and efficient. 

The Council's strong partnership with Objective ensures that technology meets the evolving needs of planning departments and officers. As Wiltshire Council advocates for Keyplan's expansion into other areas of work, it emerges as a fundamental tool for meeting the challenges of planning reforms and advancing efficiency in planning processes.

When you look at one of the challenges in terms of trying to make sure that you can produce documents efficiently and run an effective consultation Objective Keyplan really meets that need.

Simon Nott

Senior Planning Officer