A powerful disclosure management platform for super, investment and insurance services

Annual Reports, Target Market Determinations, Product Disclosure Statements and Insurance Guides, now produced in half the time.

The acquisition of MLC & Plum Insurance by Insignia Financial Group placed business pressure on the Disclosure Governance team to produce hundreds of documents often several times a year on very aggressive timelines. Their old process was regarded as quite antiquated regarding the singular production of documents which often allowed for human error, inconsistencies, and a lack of technical accuracy.

Insignia Financial Group then joined over 30 leading brands to use Objective Keystone as their disclosure management software. Objective Keystone helps MLC & Plum Insurance to mitigate risk by reducing errors and managing the nuance of content. This greatly speeds up the process to produce new or amended Annual Reports, Target Market Determinations, Product Disclosure Statements, and Insurance Guides - now taking half the amount of time it used to.

Objective Keystone has allowed the Disclosure Governance team to manage the content more accurately and efficiently. Natasha Gray – Consultant, Communications and Disclosure Governance now acts as a subject matter expert and coach of Objective Keystone for the expanding number of users they have within the business.

If it didn't exist tomorrow there would be much higher risk in content management and technical accuracy. It would be really difficult for the team to manage the nuances of the content. Keystone can't go anywhere!

Julie Mullen

Senior Consultant, Communications, Insignia Financial Group