Harvesting information in the background with minimal impact to end-users

Objective GOV365 has made it possible for information to be captured on Microsoft Teams and saved to a direct file plan – ensuring NatureScot's data would not be lost or misplaced.

Throughout the pandemic, NatureScot’s usage of Objective products increased in order to adopt new technologies and ensure that information management is built into everything they do.

NatureScot introduced Objective GOV365 in response to increased usage of Microsoft Teams. Information needed to harnessed with as little interaction with the end user as possible. The information needed to be captured and saved to a direct file plan to avoid lost or misplaced data.

"That was our big worry with Microsoft Teams – that anything that was placed on the user would become lost or misplaced or in the wrong container or not saved at all and never to be found again, so that was fundamental to our launch of Teams. Just knowing that our information is captured is really, really important," explained Fiona Eardley, Corporate Records Manager at NatureScot.

Objective Gov365 means you can use Teams without having to think about what’s happening in the background. We know that things are being done in an automated way. We know things are being saved. We’re not going to lose any information.

Fiona Eardley

Corporate Records Manager at NatureScot