Child-welfare authorities improve collaboration with Police using Objective Connect

Despite the best efforts of child protection authorities, a number of children go missing in the Middlesbrough area every year. Their absence triggers a local search that may take hours and involve dozens of people across the council, police, and other organisations.

After previous phone and email-based processes proved inefficient or insecure, the adoption of Objective Connect provided an effective and secure alternative which has delivered results for both the agencies involved, and those deemed at risk.

With over 90 participants from multiple agencies, all partners now have a 360-degree view of a child and a trusted and secure collaboration platform that ensures a rapid child welfare response.

You just drop the information into Objective Connect and everybody knows about it immediately, thanks to the live notifications. Live information is shared so much more quickly, and people can respond quickly as well. There’s more time looking for children rather than just trying to put reports through.

Robert Hamer

Service Manager, Children's Social Care Services, Middlesbrough Council